Environmental Resources

Resources and the Best Green Websites

The Internet is a great source of information, but with so much information available it can be hard to find the best bits. We have selected some of our favorite website resources for you, please see below for details

Got some land suitable for a wind turbine, but don't want to risk the cash? Get one installed at no cost and no risk. Find out more about the offer from SolarVentus Energy.

Calculate your carbon foot print with the Act On CO2 calculator

Take part in a very friendly green forum that covers many topics Its not easy being green forum

Get your daily allowance at The Daily Green

Don't bin it, freecycle it

Talking rubbish? The consumer information people at Which bust some myths about rubbish and recycling

Some great instructions on how to build your own solar panel for water heating

Looking for some serious info about climate change? Then head on over to Real Climate.

Find out what the UK are doing to reduce carbon emissions by taking a look at the DEFRA Carbon reduction Commitment.

Need some help calculating how many PV solar panels you will need? There's a rather neat calculator over at Midsummer Energy.

Trying to recover some old lead acid batteries? Then find out more about desulfation. Also has some good photos showing the insides of batteries and the various types of damage caused.

A neat single phase generator.

Action for renewables

design and construction of a home made wind powered generator or wind turbine