Wind Power

wind powerWhat is Wind Power?

Energy from the Sun heats our planet, both the ground and the air we breath. This heating is uneven and causes differences in temperature and atmospheric pressure, in turn this causes air to move around our planet in what we know as wind. The energy in the wind can then be captured and used to do something useful, for example a sail on a boat captures the wind and moves it through the water. You can read the rest of this article in our introduction to wind power.

DIY savonius turbineDIY Savonius Wind Turbine Project

Learn about our project to build a small scale Savonius type wind turbine, made from easily available cheap materials and basic tools. The objective of this project is to find out if savonius type turbines can provide useful amounts of energy in an urban setting (i.e. a standard back garden). Find out more on our DIY Savonius Wind Turbine Project webpage.

DIY wind turbineDIY Wind Turbines

Many people are building their own wind turbines, these range from small science fair type projects to large turbines capable of generating kilowatts of electricty. We have collected together all of the best websites and information we can find to help you build your own wind turbine. You can find out more on our DIY wind turbines webpage.

Alternator basicsAlternator Basics

If you are new to building alternators then this page will give you a basic overview of how alternators and dynamos work. To learn the basics of how magnets, coils of wire and some mechanical energy can be used to generate electricity take a look at our Alternator basics webpage.